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or from the Dgrin community… So why can’t I embed my images from Smugmug to my WordPress site?

When I try to choose an image and select the size I want to display and copy the embed code to a WP post this is the error I get.

See it says the content could not be embedded

So I tried the Embed Smugmug block that is included with WordPress.

As you can see it’s basically the same thing only it says it’s a Smugmug URL block

So what does work?

If you copy the HTML code for an image and use the Custom HTML block in WP then it works.

Custom HTML block works with Smugmug

The other way it works is to use the Smugmug WordPress block and change the image URL to your actual account name in my case instead of your custom domain name in Smugmug, but doing it this way doesn’t allow you to choose a size image.

Notice the URL had to be changed to my account name instead of my Smugmug custom domain name.

The solution provided by Smugmug Support

Don’t use the Embed block or the Smugmug Embed block, instead use the Image block and type in the URL of the image (with the size you want to display) and it works perfectly.

No idea why embed doesn’t work correctly but with using the image block and pasting in the URL it does work.

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