Traveling to the beach


So this year we took highways and county roads to Florida and here are the results on how it went.

We traveled less than 90 miles by Interstate from Tullahoma to St. Augustine, FL.

We traveled by I-24 to Hwy 59 then went down along the Alabama and Georgia state lines. We stopped for the night in Albany, GA in a old fashion motel that opened in 1952 and hasn’t changed much since then. Merry Acres is dated but clean and nice. It was fun to really change up the travel and do it the way you would have before the introduction of the Interstate system.

The next day we headed out and crossed over Tipton, GA and took highways down and around Jacksonville and finally crossed over to St. Augustine and our condo.

Total driving time: 10 hours 25 minutes

For a comparison we drove the Interstate the entire way home this last Saturday and the total driving time was 10 hours and 5 minutes. When we started Google Maps estimated our time to return home at 8 hours and 51 minutes. With two traffic jams one South and North of Atlanta totally destroyed that time.

The relaxed driving that we had going down to Florida and the views of small towns and interesting farms was fun and a lot better than the 85 mph hectic get around the slow cars driving that we had going back home…and as the time shows it wasn’t that much different in driving times.

We had a great time with good weather and good times at the beach.

By randypollock

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