Learn Safety


Firearm safety is the first thought when you pick up a gun and the thought you should keep thinking until you put it away.

With the number of guns purchased since March 1 at a all time high, there is many people who are new to gun ownership and this video is a good prep video on thinking about safety.

Why Film?


It’s a small group of people that want to slow down, but the growth of people wanting to shoot film is far from slowing down.

I have twice as many cameras that are analog as I do digital. Why is it so much fun?

I think for me it’s the anticipation of not knowing how your image is going to turn out until the film is developed.

It’s just an old watch, but oh what it means to me


For Christmas, Gerri and Jack got me a wonderful gift. it’s a 1930 Hamilton 922 railroad grade pocket watch. Yes, this watch will be 90 years old this coming up July 2020. I have always wanted a good pocket watch with character and a history. This watch has 21 jewels and requires you to wind it each day or it loses time and stops. It is considered railroad grade as it was built in Lancaster...

Elf the Musical


We enjoyed watching another Christmas play this time in Crossville at the Cumberland county playhouse.

We couldn’t take any images during the play, but it was a great 2.5 hours.

A Christmas Carol


We enjoyed the local production of A Christmas carol performed by the South Jackson Civic Cente

Having a production company in your home town is very nice and we try to support them by going to their shows and sitting in the old South Jackson auditorium is a great environment to see their plays and musicals.

The Name


Sunday December 8th, new life UPC had a Christmas program called The Name. It celebrated the name of Jesus Christ.

You can see the full set of pictures in my gallery called The Name

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