Wood floors, a dead leaf and acros film makes for a nice black and white image

Taken with Fuji X-T2

Star of Bethlehem


So pleased that on Dec 21st, we ventured out to the church as I though I could use some of the forground elements to show off the star of Bethlehem.

Jupiter and Saturn looked great in the South Western sky and the wisp of clouds just made the event so nice.

Lioness in Black and White


Finding out the President is going to take a while, so I revisiting some images that I took at the Cincinnati Zoo. I like the textures in black and white.

My last waterfalls image


This is my last waterfalls image from our trip to the Smokies and I like it the best.

It probably doesn’t come across as much on a tiny phone but on a big screen it looks good and I can’t wait to print it and see how it looks on paper.

Upper Tremont Road

Seeing a bear in the mountains


Nothing is like seeing a bear in the Smokies.

There are so many wonderful things to see in the Smoky Mountains, the hiking trails, the waterfalls, the flowers and trees, the early settlements, but for us seeing a bear or Elk in the mountains makes our trip a success.

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