My Grandfather’s Tree


Drove by Tullahoma Utilities today thinking that a little snow on my grandfather’s tree would make for a nice Winter image. My grandfather is L.E. Pollock, also known as Jack Pollock, PapaJack, Granddaddy, or by his full name…. get ready… Eve Adam Levoyd Chesser Pollock. He worked 28+ years for the Tullahoma Water Department and in 2012 they planted a Hawthorn tree behind their...

Dempsey at Christmas


Dempsey sitting under the tree on Christmas morning.

Dempsey is our 7 year old brittany and is often a handful but a wonderful part of the family along with our other dog a havanese called Jonah.

Star of Bethlehem


So pleased that on Dec 21st, we ventured out to the church as I though I could use some of the forground elements to show off the star of Bethlehem.

Jupiter and Saturn looked great in the South Western sky and the wisp of clouds just made the event so nice.

Happy Birthday


A great mom and wife, not afraid to get dirty or go to the gun range. A lover of dogs… and a true Christian, what else does a man need?

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Seeing a bear in the mountains


Nothing is like seeing a bear in the Smokies.

There are so many wonderful things to see in the Smoky Mountains, the hiking trails, the waterfalls, the flowers and trees, the early settlements, but for us seeing a bear or Elk in the mountains makes our trip a success.

The wheel is still fun


In Pigeon Forge, The Island is difficult to get too with parking that takes a long walk to get to the shops, but it’s still fun to ride the wheel and look out over the city.

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My days are numbered


Getting a shot of my teenager, is getting harder as he gets older. As we rode the wheel in Pigeon Forge, I had him cornered as he couldn’t get away.

Handsome young man.

A great son

Our daily task


Ring in the morning as we headed out for adventures.

Each morning Jack would ring this giant bell as we headed out for our early mornings in the mountains.

Our cabin with solid wooden door and old fashion screen door, complete with torn screen.

This is a huge bell with a equally impressive sound.

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